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Password Help

Forgotten or Changed Password

If you do not know or have forgotten your <xmlLegal> password, go to the Password Page. On this page, you can email your password to yourself. You can also change your password.

Update Membership Information

Update Your Membership Information

From time to time, your membership information may change. For instance, you may want to specify a different emial address for mailing list traffic. To change your membership information, go the the Membership Update Form.

Activity Management

Add or Delete Yourself from Activities

If you are a Plus or an Expert member and know your password, you can use the Activity Management Page to subscribe and unsubscribe yourself from xmlLegal mailing lists. Freemembers can unsubscribe from the announcement mailing list.

General Support

If You Do Not Find Answers On This Page

For help, please email help@xmllegal.org.

New Member Application

Apply for xmlLegal Membership

New members can apply to <xmlLegal> by using the New Member Application Form.

Document Repository

Access the xmlLegal Document Repository

If you are a Free, Plus or Expert member and know your password, you can upload and view documents in the <xmlLegal> Document Repository. Only Plus and Expert members may upload documents. Some documents are only viewable by Plus and Expert members.

Guest Members may also have access to the repository, depending on the reason for their guest membership.

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