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Glasser Legalworks e-Filing Report

Schema Framework Reference Documents

by Winchel 'Todd' Vincent III

The examples on this page compliment an article titled "<xmlLegal> Schema Framework Reference Documents," in the "e-Filing Report" June, 2004 issue (Vol. 4, No. 6) published by Glasser Legalworks (http://www.legalwks.com/). The resources on this website are available to Free, Plus, and Expert members as indicated. If you are not a member, please join. If you are a member, you will need your password.

The article is the fourth article in a set discussing the use of court and justice XML in software applications. The four articles are published on this website for all members. The articles are also available to subscribers of Glasser Legalworks "e-Filing Report."

The first article (Free), published in the November 2003 issue of the e-Filing Report, summarized the Georgia Courts Automation Commission ("GCAC") Juvenile and Child Support Electronic Court Filing Projects. The first article described the Georgia Juvenile Project's use of XML documents. The second article (Free) stated that the XML documents were not based on the Global Justice XML Data Model (then called Justice XML Data Dictionary or 'JXDD') and went on to detail a number of issues with JXDD. The third article (Free) compared and contrasted JXDD with the Schema Framework in an effort to show how the two works are complementary, not competitive. The fourth article (Free), for which these examples were created, is a more in-depth look at the Schema Framework that describes four example XML Schema and XML instance documents, sometimes called "Reference Documents."

Plus and Expert members can discuss these examples as well as the "e-Filing Report" articles and other topics on the discussion@xmllegal.org mailing list.

The examples use the Commonwealth of Kentucky for illustration purposes only. The original documents come from various jurisdictions.

Example Source Justice Documents

Source Justice Documents

The source documents are the original paper documents used as the basis for the sample documents and associated schema.

Example Sample Justice Documents

Sample Justice Documents

The sample documents are HTML and PDF documents created from combining XML and an XSL or XSL-FO stylesheet. These documents are what users (lawyers, judges, law enforcement) would read and use.

  • Juvenile Complaint (HTML) (PDF) (Free)
  • State Police Complaint (HTML) (PDF) (Free)
  • Department of Public Safety Case Count Report (HTML) (PDF) (Free)

Example Justice XML Instance Documents

Justice XML Instance Documents

The XML Instance Documents are the underlying XML that validate against the corresponding XML Schema. Combined with stylesheets, the XML produces the output documents above.

  • Juvenile Complaint (XML) (Plus and Expert)
  • State Police Complaint (XML) (Plus and Expert)
  • Department of Public Safety Case Count Report (XML) (Plus and Expert)

Example Schema Documentation

Schema Documentation

Schema Documentation is available for each schema (or set of schemas) in either HTML or PDF formats. The HTML version is a set of help files with links from one schema help file to the next. The PDF version is one electronic file, also with helpful links, that can be easily printed. Both the HTML and the PDF documentation are available in the Schema Repository. Links to the PDF documentation are below.

  • Juvenile Complaint Documentation (PDF) (Plus and Expert)
  • State Police Complaint Documentation (PDF) (Plus and Expert)
  • Department of Public Safety Case Count Report Documentation (PDF) (Plus and Expert)

Example Data Dictionaries

Data Dictionaries

Each set of schema includes a full data dictionary of all the terms used in the schema. The Data Dictionary is published in HTML. Each term in the Data Dictionary is linked to the schema's documentation for easy reference.

  • Juvenile Complaint Data Dictionary (HTML) (Expert)
  • State Police Complaint Data Dictionary (HTML) (Expert)
  • Department of Public Safety Case Count Report Data Dictionary (HTML) (Expert)

Example German Address

German Address

The following links are to the German Address examples.

  • German Address (XML) (Plus and Expert)
  • German Address Documentation (PDF) (Plus and Expert)
  • German Address Data Dictionary (HTML) (Expert)

Example Schema Repository

Schema Repository

The Example Schema Repository is a sub-repository of the Schema Repository. The Example Schema Repository houses the XML Schema, Schema Documentation (HTML and PDF), and Data Dictionaries.

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